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captain trash: dear white people


i’m sick of cultural dishes getting butchered by “innovative” crackers

i’m sick of traditional foods getting destroyed and my culture being chipped away at

Tragedy struck Earth tonight as China, an ancient civilization with a rich history and culture, was completely and utterly annihilated by a woman’s lunch. The culture began to violently disintegrate as Patty Henderson (Whitesville, Ohio) cut up a hot dog and added it to her mapo doufu. The popular Chinese dish had remained the same for thirty thousand years, not changing with the tastes of the communities that ate it, unlike every other fucking plate of food in history.  Henderson’s additions to the meal quickly destabilized the recipe, creating a temporal paradox that removed Chinese society from history. “She literally erased our culture” said Jenn Chiang, as the space-time anomaly tore her body apart on an atomic level.

(via pyrrhiccomedy)